Check out my run in Baldwin City for a great idea on how to make your workout more fun by chronicling it.

Tosh Steeplechase Tosh Mihesuah steeplechase
Tosh Mihesuah, member of the Baldwin City, KS High School Varsity Track and Cross Country team wins the steeplechase in 2010 and 2011 at the Baker Relays in Baldwin City. Photo by Jimmy Gillispie, Baldwin City Signal. Right, Photo by Mom

Becoming a fitness activist is not difficult once you start living a healthy lifestyle. People who eat right and exercise possess more energy, think clearly, can more adequately deal with stress, are successful in work and their personal lives, and often serve as role models for others who also want to improve their quality of life. Living a healthy life shouldn’t take much thought.

Once you experience the benefits of taking care of yourself it becomes a priority to feed yourself and your family unprocessed foods and to make certain everyone exercises. Many fitness activists educated themselves about nutrition and exercise while others had a role model to inspire them to learn. Take a look around you and read about historical Natives. Learn from who was and is mentally and physically healthy.