Health Problems

All tribes face a similar dilemma: once our people were strong and physically healthy. Now, we are facing a health crisis of epidemic proportions.

Our ancestors once were physically strong, and while some did suffer from diseases, these diseases were not self-induced, that is, they did not die from gluttony, arteriosclerosis or the other problems associated with over-indulgence and from eating processed foods.


Principles of Indigenous Health Recovery:

Fresh, unprocessed foods are healthier than fried, processed ones.

Foods that are home grown can help develop pride and healthy bodies.

Natives gathered, hunted and cultivated foods that kept them healthy. Foods eaten at fast-food joints are the opposite.

Food we prepare in our kitchens gives us control over what we and our families eat. When we buy food at fast food restaurants, others are given control over what we consume.

Preparing food in our kitchens gives us pleasure and peace of mind. Pulling weeds, fertilizing, picking fruit and vegetables, peeling potatoes, shucking and grinding corn, and making meals are among the best ways to relax and think.

A little bit of exercise every day adds up in the long run.

No one can force you to eat unhealthily, to smoke or to be sedentary.

Educate yourself about nutrition and fitness and you can change your life.

We must recover our traditional indigenous knowledge and engage our elders to discover how our ancestors solved their problems.

We must care for our families and communities so that we become part of the circle of people who support each other in times of grief and pain.

We must become educated about our tribes’ rich histories and cultures to develop pride in ourselves.