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Puerto Rico

The first set is from El Yunque Rainforest. It rained heavily during our hikes but was warm.

Puerto Rican snails


Puerto Rican Flowers Puerto Rican lizard

puerto rico bamboo Bamboo

Puerto Rican Trees Puerto Rican Snail

Puerto Rican plants Puerto Rican Plants

Puerto Rican plants

Puerto Rican plants

Puerto Rican dog on roof Puerto Rican dogA dog hangs out on the roof of a concessions stand in the rainforest

Tosh Josh Ari Josh, Ari and Tosh

Gilligan's Island

Is a small isle off the southern coast of Puerto Rico, named Gilligan's Island because it resembles the set of the television show.

Gilligan's Island Josh on the boat taking us to the small isle.

Devon and Tosh Tosh and I flexing after a morning of snorkeling.

Gilligan's Island signs Signs at the entrance. There is no food or water available; you must bring your own.

Ari and hermit crabs Ari made a home for some hermit crabs in a fin

Gilligan's Island A tangle of roots on the western edge of the island

Gilligans Island Our little part of a beach. We snorkled all the way around and up and down the two cannals

Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island If you don't stay at a resort or bring your own equipiment, you may consider using this servise: an apartment whose owner rents gear and will drive you to the island for $7. All I can tell you is this is next to "Mary Lee's By the Sea"--we had to hunt to find a place! Above shot: Josh ducks under the branches walking back from the dock.


Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve

This reserve is located in the far northeast corner of Puerto Rico. It is not open to the public and you must make reservations. The tour is about two hours long.

Las Cabezas Las Cabezas

The sign marking the entrance and an amazing ceiba (silk cotton) tree.

Las Cabezas The preserve's headquarters.

pearly eyed thrasher A mad mamma pearly-eyed thrasher. She was defending her nest under the eve of the building.

termite nest iguanas

One of the many huge termite nests in the trees. Lounge lizards (iguanas) in the lighthouse.

lady with serious bug bites A woman in front of us had serious insect bites/stings.

las cabezas lighthouse Ari and Josh in front of the lighthouse

boardwalk las cabezas The boardwalk through the mangroves