Traditional Indigenous Recipes

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans, spices, served with choctaw banaha
Top: Pinto beans cooked overnight in a crock pot with spices and served with Choctaw banaha. Bottom: Pintos mixed with venison, red peppers, and black pepper.

A crock pot of pinto beans is a winter staple. If you make too much, you can always freeze the leftovers in small containers for individual servings. Beans are a wonderful all around food that have no cholesterol, and are high in fiber, folate, protein and other vitamins and minerals, but low in fat and sodium.

pinto beans


4 cups dried pinto beans

8 cups of unsalted chicken broth or water


*Three large sliced carrots

*One large chopped white onion


Black pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Soak dried pinto beans in large pot over night (placing beans in a spaghetti colander then putting them in the pot of water makes it easier to drain).

In the morning, rinse and drain then place ingredients in crock pot along with chicken broth and spices. The longer you can cook this, the better the beans taste.

Serve over corn bread and top with salsa and shredded cheddar cheese. This is also great with grits.

*Old World ingredient