Watch Our Gardens Grow

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When everything else has played out in late October, the gourds still take over the dogs' pen.


Only a few peppers are left by Halloween.

butterfly garden

Some of the butterfly plants were still blooming late October.

maple tree
One of our maples turned just in time for the Baldwin City Maple Leaf Festival.

Three Sisters in a raised bed, late June 2008

raised bed
Raised beds-Tosh's butterfly bed, with containers of peppers, green beans and melons. Late June 2008
raised bed
Raised Beds, April 2008
raised bed
Mid-May 2008. I added 2 raised beds for Tosh's butterfly plants and 3 Sisters raised bed
Same beds, July 2008
3 sisters garden - winter
Site of Potato Mounds, April 2008
raised bed
Mid-May 2008. Half the mounds were planted two weeks before the others 3 sisters garden - winter
Late June 2008, and the potatoes are thiving large garden in April
Large garden, April 2008
large garden in April
Mid-May 2008. A wood fence will support the berry plants large garden in April
Large garden, July 2008
porch containers
Back porch containers, April 2008
porch containers
Mid-May 2008. The container plants are starting to fill out porch containers
Various container plants, late June 2008 pond
Small pond, April 2008
porch containers
Small pond, May 2008

drained pond

Ari and I drained the small pond Halloween weekend.