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Gardening is a natural activity for most kids since they like to dig, get dirty and look for worms. Kids also love to see the results of their work and will eat it, too. Plants squash, peppers, watermelons, beans and fruits and your kids want to take part in cultivating them and will take pride in their accomplishments.

Tosh and compostingTosh poses by his winter composting project, 2004


Below are shots of my neighbors, Jackie and Jillian Markaway, who planted watermelon, squash and bushbeans in a small raised bed I made for them (April 19, 2010).

Jackie and Jillian smooth the soil

First they smooth the soil (a combination of compost, potting mix, topsoil). Note the kids' garden tools and gloves you can purchase at most garden stores. I got the hoe and shovel at Dollar General.

Jack and Jill make rows for planting

Then they make rows for the seeds.

Jill plants seeds

Jillian plants bush bean seeds.

Jack and Jill cover the seeds

Jillian covers the seeds while Jackie looks for worms.

Jack and Jill water the seeds

The girls then water the seeds

Jack and Jill pose

All done. Now they wait for a few weeks to see what sprouts.

3 Tosh digging

Here Ari and Tosh digs through the cinders and pine needles in Flagstaff, AZ, 2004.

Tosh and Ari container garden Even with a broken Arm, Ari helped to take care of the containers of plants off our porch in Flagstaff. She and Tosh snipped okra and green beans late summer and fall.

Ari and gourd plant

Ari was very excited about her gourd vines. They grow quickly and can overtake your other fences, so plant carefully. Kids can make bird houses from the gourds.

ladybug house bird houses

Ari's Ladybug House and birdhouses

Tosh's winning pics

Tosh's pictures won at the 08 Vinland County Fair


Ari and plant experiment in 2004.

baby swallows
Baby barn swallows in their nest under our balcony

Swallows grow up

Here they are getting bolder

Ari’s Baldwin City, Kansas garden in 2006 was comprised of many plants, including tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, loofah gourds, and a variety of flowers along the fence.

Ari's Garden
 Pride of ownership.

Ari and Pookie

Ari and her rat, Pookie

One day I went out to water the cabbage and found 6 baby bunnies under the leaves. I ran back inside to get my camera and when I returned there were only 3. These little guys had survived twice-a day waterings.


And they do grow quickly

Tosh fishing

Tosh fishing in Duncan, OK 2006
Tosh and Garden 
My son Tosh announced in spring of 2006 that he wanted to plant a Three Sisters garden. Everything was planted from seed and kernel. He tended it everyday and was very happy to cultivate corn, squash and pole beans.

Tosh’s plot was small and placed on the south side of the house. The main problem was grass that we had to continually mow. I used black matting in between the corn rows:,34-312,default,cp.html

Tosh's Garden Sign

Garden Tosh and Ari
Tosh’s corn, squash and beans. Rt.: Tosh and Ari find squash in the 04 Flagstaff garden.