Baker Wetlands

Baker Wetlands

The Baker Wetlands are located in south Lawrence, KS. It is a beautiful place, full of animals, insects and wetland plants. There are about six miles of trails that you can easily walk (or run) and there also are walkways over the water and blinds where you can watch birds and other creatures.

Explore the Baker University Wetlands website. You'll find maps, flora and fauna information, many pictures, history of the wetlands:

Photos from Fall 2009 and June 2010 by:Ari Mihesuah and Devon Mihesuah

Ari Mihesuah Devon Mihesuah


Ari and I entered from 31st Street. There is information about the wetlands and map:

kiosk wetlands Baker wetlands sign

wetlands sign

We only covered the perimeter of the top left portion of the map (below). I have not taken pictures when I enter the middle portion ("35th street") but will in late April.

Baker wetlands map

We started at the red marker at the top of the map (north), then went west, towards Louisiana Street. This path that parallels 31st and a creek is filled with red earred sliders (below). These two shots were taken from the parking area, looking west. Left is in June, rt, in fall.

Baker Wetlands baker wetlands in fall

Spot the slider:

turtle slider wetlands

Ar got out of the car and saw this snake, probably a cottonmouth, curled in a tree:

snake in tree

We stopped to walk along the Boardwalk:

sights from wetland boardwalk from the boardwalk

dragonfly outline trumpet vine

On a boardwalk bench:

dragonfly on bench

The trails are inviting:

wetlands trails

Ari shoots close-up of a trumpet vine:

Ari camera at wetlands trumpet vine

oregon trail crossing

On the south side of the path:

South side marshes wetlands frog

wetlands flowers wetlands flowers

We turned south, now parallel to Louisiana St.:

wetlands south trail wetlands rabbit

and startled a deer:wetlands deer hiding

wetlands deer 1 wetlands deer 2

wetlands jumping deer

Across Louisiana Street is the new portion of the Baker Wetlands:

new Baker wetlands sign new wetlands

The sky rapidly turned dark. We decided not to go all the way around the wetlands in case of rain so we turned east at the first opportunity (35th St. on the wetlands map).

dark skies wetlands

There was plenty to see.

wet land blackbirds wetlands thistle

marsh plants in wetlands wetlands snail

birds overhead wetlands wetlands cattails

Looking north. Kansas University as seen from the wetlands. Frazier Hall is the large building with flags

Frazier from wetlands

All of a sudden the sprinkles became a downpour. We put the cameras back in the packs and ran for it. As we turned back north, the rain subsided.

devon headed north Ari headed north

Sights along the way north:

crawdad hole looking south

dragonfly wetlands wetlands flowers

wetlands deer tracks wetlands waterway

wetlands cattails wetlands flowers

wetlands Baker Baker wetlands

Baker cattails

We only covered the perimeter of about 25% of the wetlands. Part 2 coming soon.