March 31, 2009

My interview with Spezzatino about Comfort Food is now in vol. 4.

Frozen willow

The storm that swept through Kansas this week did not hit us as hard as the rest of the state. Still, it left quite a bit of ice behind. I thought this willow would break and I tried to shake off the ice, but it wouldn't budge.

Thawed willow
A few hours later the ice melted and the tree bounced back.

Frozen bird house

Blue bird house and rain meter

Frozen pond

My small pond froze over. I looked for frogs before the temperature dropped, but only found one. I hope they survived.


I did find a wad of frog eggs, so I put them into a aquarium. There are about a dozen tiny tadpoles already. I'll keep them inside until they are large enough to survive outside.

Frozen pear tree blossoms

Pear tree blossoms in ice.

Crazy potatoes

I found a forgotten box of Yukon potatoes that I had stored last year in the corner of the garage. I opened the box and stems popped out. I plan to break off the stems and plant them anyway to see what happens.


My chives seem to be indestructable. They have made it through freezing weather and hail.

Pepper Joe seeds

Can you tell I like Pepper Joe's peppers?

Cherokee tomatoes

My first tomato seedlings of the year.

.Aloe vera

One of my aloe veras hosted a pepper plant that sprouted up in the middle. It already has small blossoms.