September 29, 2009

First Fall photos:

Garden spider

A garden spider

Monarch cat

A monarch cat eats the last of the milkweed in the whiskey barrel

Garden berries

An unknown berry cluster

Delosperma cooperi

Purple ice plant and bee

A bee enjoys the Delosperma cooperi growing along our fence.

KS berries

Pokeweed berries grew under our large maple tree in the front yard

Preying Mantis

A praying mantis hangs onto the satellite cable.


Early fall in the KU Monarch Watch Garden:

Entry to Monarch Watch

Entry to the building


Milkweed balls

Butterfly milkweed weed balloon plant. The small white flowers change into these soft balloons.

Below: the Monarch Watch Garden

Monarch Watch garden1

Monarch Watch Garden2

Monarch Watch Trail

Monarch Watch Garden 3

Monarch Watch butterdome

Monarch Watch 4

Inside Monarch Watch butterdome

Inside the Monarch dome