August 8, 2009

The summer seems to be speeding up. It's getting hotter and kids are due back in school in a few weeks. My vegetables had been hurt some by the rain although my tomatoes, corn and peppers are still happy. Grass took over my gardens this year and I resolved to lay down more black mats next year along with hay before the grass sprouts. I can still find my vegetables through the greenery, although the rows don't look as nice as in years past.

Plant in bag of fertilizer

This opportunistic plant found a home in a bag of mulch.

Huge tomato

This huge tomato in one of my raised beds looks like three grown together. It should be red in a few days.

Squash bugs

These squash bugs are not what one wants to see in their garden.

Green gourd

A green gourd on Ari's arch.

Frog outline on a rock

A wet frog sat here.


Beautiful swallowtail butterflies above and below.


Swallowtail crysalis

A swallowtail crysalis inside my covered porch. The caterpiller (below) had fed on fennel in my front yard, but the birds almost got him so he's now protected.

Swallowtail cat

Small pond growth

My small pond is full of lilies, water lettuce and other floating plants. Frogs abound in here.


I had one Gloriosa Sunflower come up this year.

Hidden frog

A hidden green frog in my pond

Sphinx moth

A sphinx moth clings to a leaf under my porch.

Hermit crab

Ari's hemit crab, Bubblegum.

A busy bee

Close up of a busy bee.