March 26, 2009

Hoop House in March

Spring has Sprung! Ari and I put up a quick hoop house. It is made from pipe, rebar and painter's plastic and cost less than $15. This will shelter seedlings until frost has passed.

Bluebird and window


Red winged blackbird

This bluebird who thinks he has a rival in the truck window, the cardinal and red-winged blackbird are among many birds that have returned to our yard.

Josh brought me a load of compost from Lawrence. I spent several days hauling it to the gardens in the wheelbarrow after the trailer got stuck in the mud.

Inside frogs

The frogs we saved from our small pond this winter are starting to get antsy being cooped up in an aquarium. They hear the others croaking outside. After a season of crickets and worms, they'll be fat and ready to go outside after the last frost.

Just planted sprouts

I planted several hundred tomato and pepper seeds this weekend. They're in every spare spot by the windows.


Our bearded dragon, Draco.

Cactus pads

I cooked some cactus pads with pepper and garlic over spring breakand found use for some old Mexican nicnaks.

Bare ground outside basement

I'm about to start a new butterfly garden outisde the basement windows and the challenge will be to keep out the grass. I now have some rainbarrels and will funnel the water to the gardens.