May 27, 2009

The rain continues, making it difficult to finish planting. The birds don't seem to mind the weather and we have more than in years past. The blue eggs at the top were laid by a bluebird in the nestbox nailed to a dog kennel post. The bottom picture shows blue-green eggs of a chipping sparrow. She laid her eggs in a burning bush outside my office window.

bluebird eggs

chipping sparrow eggs

onions ready to pull

These onions are about ready to be pulled.


Above: a harvest of radishes and onions.


oriole feeding

A pair of orioles now come to the hummingbird feeders. I later took off a few bee guards so they can fit their beaks in. I also leave out orange slices and grape jelly. I took these pictures through a window.

lettice, radish and spinach

My lettuce, spinach and radishes are thriving, but some plants are getting too big.

sprouts need to be planted

The spouts like it better outside. Some are starting to outgrow their small containers.

pond iris

Pond iris

butterfly garden before

butterfly garden

Before and after. In between rains I planted my new butterfly garden outside the basement windows. The chipping sparrow is nesting in the bush on the far right. Many of the butterfly plants and grasses should be three feet tall in a few months.

whirley by a grass

Rabbits like what I planted so I am trying out some whirleys to keep them away.

corn sprout

Two sweet corn sprouts have made their way into the light.

planting tomatos

Here I am in the midst of getting my small tomatoes into the ground.

two small frogs

Frogs enjoy a warm day.

gold finches

gold finches on a sack

Two pairs of goldfinches visit the thistle feeders throughout the day.

pot potatoes

These potatoes I planted in a hard plastic bucket and a soft "bag" immediately sprouted. I add dirt and straw as they grow.

pond lilies

Lilies in my little pond

silk worm moths

Chip Taylor gave me some silk worm cocoons, and now they have popped out as moths. They have a short life: they mate, lay eggs then die.

green bean sprouts in a pot

Green bean sprouts in a small pot.


This raspberry plant was the size of a pencil last year. I put a plastic bottle that drains water into a funnel alongside the plant.