April 14, 2009


Vultures found a dead catfish by the edge of the pond this weekend. They nibbled on it and dragged it around for a while then flew away when the geese arrived.

Purple Martins

Purple Martins have returned to the four houses (each with 12 "apartments") we put up for them in 2005. Scouts showed up April 4, and these adults arrived this weekend. You can access the Purple Martin Conservation Association site at:


Hank the Tank wants out. He has learned not to bother the birds and deer, but he will chase coyotes.



My seedlings have sprouted. I saved seeds to start in late summer. Those will be planted in my greenhouse.

Swiss Chard


Swiss Chard (above) and Flowering Kale like the cool weather.


I caught another frog before the last freeze. He is very thin and readily ate all the crickets I fed him.


Two geese wandered up to our back porch. Hank didn't make a move to go after them.

Goose and ducks

This goose doesn't want to share the ponds with ducks. When the ducks entered the water, the goose swam over and tried to bully them away. The ducks keep coming back.


Lutie, the bathroom spider has lived in the basement bathroom since last August. She stays in a ceiling corner and occasionally catches something smaller to eat.

Papaya and coffee

A very large papaya with coffee and chicory for breakfast. Papaya goes well with lime juice.