January 10, 2010


January 10, 2010

Happy New Year! It's been a rough couple of weeks in NE Kansas. While we were in Texas and Oklahoma, snow fell continually, creating hazardous driving conditions and some impressive snow drifts. I'll start getting my seeds in order in a few weeks so they'll get a head start in the basement before moving out to the greenhouse.

Below, Ari and Hank shovel the driveway.

Ari and Hank shovel

garden buried in snow

My garden is buried in snow, as is the entry to my greenhouse. The thermometer in the greenhouse read 50 degrees while it was 6 degrees outside.

geenhouse entry in snow

raised beds covered by snow

My butterfly garden on Jan. 10, 2010 and mid-Oct. 2009 below

butterfly garden mid-Oct

Hank and dogloo

Hank and his snow-covered dogloo.

Below: a variety of birds at the feeders.

birds at feeder

Cardinal at water

Cardinal at feeder2


Bluejay at feeder


Bluejay with seed

Woodpecker at suet

Bird at Feeder

Cardinal 2

Winter bird