April 13 2010


April 13, 2010

Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. We visited the Zoo this past weekend after the K-State Shocker High School Track Meet. I am leery of zoos, but this one has large enclosures and the animals for the most part have lots of room to roam.

These grizzlies were active; the picture at the bottom shows the one on the left with a case of the sneezies.




Sea and river otters were used as a food source among some tribes along the coasts and NW shores.


The silverback gorillas collected sweet potatoes their handler threw to them.

red river pig

red river pig

The Red River Pig from South America has a face like an orc

lounging anteater

A lounging anteater

goose and goslings

This pair of geese were very protective of their goslings, chasing off ducks and other geese. The zoo was full of birds of various kinds sitting on nests.

bald eagles

Bald eagles who would rather be flying


Some very large carp

turkey tribute

Tribute to the turkeys

Tosh steeplechase

Congrats to Tosh who won the steeplchase at the Baldwin Invitational and was 5th at the K-State Shocker. He runs the KU Relays this week.




April 13, 2010
Sedwick County Zoo
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