If you grow chili peppers, all you have to do is dry them, ground them up and you'll have a condiment for pizza, eggs, potatoes, sauteed vegetables, meats, etc.

peppers Red Chili peppers

Here are peppers still in the garden and right, a bunch I picked and allowed to dry on the screened-in porch. I usually use a food dehydrator, but it has been so dry in Baldwin this summer that air drying serves the same purpose.

Cut stems from chilies grind up chili peppers

Cut the stems off the dried peppers, then place in a coffee grinder. I bought this small electric one for less than $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Don't put your face close while grinding, putting pepper in shaker bottless, and cleaning, and don't take deep breaths. Consider wearing a bandana over your mouth and nose--otherwise you'll sneeze and cough.

chili flakes in jar

After peppers are ground up, put in a small glass shaker bottle. You can buy these shaker bottles at most box stores.

That's it. Don't add anything to the mix.