Open-Faced Pan-Seared Vegetable Sandwich

open faced vegetable sandwich

Grilled vegetable sandwiches have become popular in airports and in grocery stores’ deli departments. This recipe offers flavor and nutrition wthout firing up the grill. Using only one piece of whole grain bread and no cheese lowers the calorie content.


1 large zucchini

1 white onion

2 cups mushroom caps (you can also use stems; cut lengthwise so they don't roll off)

1 cup bell peppers (red, onion, orange, no green for this recipe)

1 small *eggplant (peeled)

1.5 T grapeseed or *olive oil

1 T pepper

6 slices *whole grain bread or buns


*1 t oregano

*2 cloves garlic, crushed

3 large roasted green chilies

*Hummus spread

6 servings

Cut vegetables into strips no longer than two inches long and ½ inches wide

Put oil in frying pan and heat on medium high

Add ingredients to pan and cook until tender

Toast bread and add vegetable mixture to top.

If you like hummus, spread on the bread and then add vegetables.

This becomes a heartier sandwich if you add salmon on the toast and top with vegetables.

*Old World ingredient