Fruit Smoothie

My cheap blender has lasted almost daily use for over a decade.

This is a great drink on mornings when you’re not really hungry but need something, or when you’re not feeling well. I make one at least four days a week.


½ cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries

1/2 c raspberries

1/2 c blackberries

1/2 c mulberries

If you use the latter three berries, you may want to strain out the seeds.

1/2 c water

Non-indigenous ingredients:

*½ cup sliced peaches
*½ banana
*½ cup orange juice
*½ cup carrot juice
*1 scoop protein power (optional; I use a whey-based protein powder)
*½ cup low-fat vanilla yogurt that has sat in the freezer and is frosty, but not frozen

Combine all ingredients in blender.

I use frozen fruit, then allow the fruit to thaw slightly so my blender blades won’t get stuck on the hard fruit; slightly frozen ingredients makes a colder, creamier smoothie.

Blend until smooth.


Try adding a half cup of either fresh parsley, spinach or kale to your drink. If you add a banana, the drink will still taste sweet, but also a bit "green." And that is not a bad thing.

*Old World ingredient