Corn Bread

Corn bread goes a long way in our house. We put it in a bowl and pour pinto beans or chili on top; we match it with yogurt and fruit for a dessert, use as a “side bread” with almost every entrée. Traditional con bread is different from bread made with milk and eggs and that is how we prefer it. This is, therefore, a “semi-traditional” dish.

venison cornbread
This fall I had to prepare something fast for a school event, so I used corn bread mix and added green chilies and sauteed venison burger. The result was a thick and hearty bread.


1.5 cup cornmeal
*2 chicken eggs (or duck eggs for thicker consistency)
*1 c skim milk (or goat milk for thicker consistency)
1 c cooked sweet corn (drained if you use canned corn)
¾ t salt substitute
1.5 t baking power
For variety, add chopped green chilies, *ham, *apples, *cheese or *bacon (minus the fat)
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Mix ingredients in large bowl.
Pour into 12 x 8 pan greased with non-stick vegetable spray.
Bake 25 minutes at 400 degrees or until knife comes out clean.
Instead of covering with butter, drizzle honey on top.

*Old World ingredient