Quinoa has been a staple for peoples of the Peruvian-Bolivian plains for millenia. Incans had thriving crops of quinoa until the invading Spanish forced the indigenous peoples to grow Eurpean crops such as wheat and barley. Quinoa is gluten-free and nutritious, with protein content similar to milk.


Quinoa changes colors as it matures. Above: cooked black quinoa plain and topped with red peppers


Quinoa is seasy to prepare. I buy it in bags, the "Alter Eco" brand. Cook quinoa by first rinsing thoroughly, then adding to boiling water (or stock of your choice) and bring to a boil until the water is gone (approx. 20 minutes). Use one cup of quinoa to four cups of water (4 servings)

I mix cooked quinoa with garlic, black pepper, salt, vegetables or eggs.