Most people like popcorn, but the problem is that movie popcorn, along with many packets you can purchase at the store, is coated in oil, salt and a "not-butter" product that is hydrogenated oil and artificial flavoring. When I buy movie popcorn, I ask for no butter and I sprinkle bar-b-que seasoning on it that I have stashed in my purse.


1 ΒΌ cup of corn kernels for popping (not sweet corn)

2 T of vegetable oil

2 t chili powder

2 t *garlic powder

salt to taste

Put oil in a large frying pan and heat on high. Add popping corn and put the lid on. Reduce the heat slightly.

When the corn starts to pop, take the handle and gently shake the pan until the corn stops popping.

Quickly remove from heat; otherwise, the corn will scorch.

Sprinkle with chili and garlic power and shake. Put popped corn into a large bowl and squeeze lime juice onto the top.

Eat immediately before the popped corn becomes soggy.


*Old World ingredient